Zuckerberg promises Threads will get web and search functionality in

Zuckerberg promises Threads will get web and search functionality “in the coming weeks.”

Positioned as an alternative to Twitter, the Threads microblogging platform should work under threads.net, but so far the main page of the resource shows a social network logo stylized as a cluster of stars. In addition to the web version, there is no search on the platform, but the head of Meta Mark Zuckerberg has promised that these important features will be available in the coming weeks.

    Image source: Viralyft / unsplash.com

Image source: Viralyft / unsplash.com

“Threads had a good week. The community is on a path that I expected to see a vibrant, long-term app develop. There’s a lot to do and I’m happy with the pace of the team. Search and web versions will follow in the coming weeks.– wrote the Meta CEO on the platform.

    Image Credit: Mark Zuckerberg

Image Credit: Mark Zuckerberg

Threads, as the simplest alternative to Twitter, initially gained popularity rapidly, but then rapidly lost half of their users. It’s time to roll out new features, and last week the platform got a timeline feed.

Of the remaining critical features, the web version clearly ranks first – many refuse to use a platform that cannot be accessed via a browser from a desktop computer. And if managing threads really relies on its popularity, then search will not be able to do without it either – it occupies an important place on Twitter.


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