Zuckerberg Every user of the metaverse will spend hundreds of

Zuckerberg: Every user of the metaverse will spend hundreds of dollars on digital goods

head meta* Platforms Mark Zuckerberg said during an interview with CNBC that the Metaverse should become a significant part of the company’s business in the second half of this decade. It expects to interact with Meta’s virtual world* will be able to reach about a billion users, each of whom will spend hundreds of dollars to buy digital content.

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“We hope that there will be about a billion users in the Metaverse who will be able to conduct commercial transactions for hundreds of dollars, purchase digital goods, digital content and various items of self-expression, be it clothing for their avatar or other digital goods for your virtual home or things to decorate your virtual conference room, various services that allow you to be more productive in virtual and augmented reality and in the metaverse in general.– quotes the source of the word Zuckerberg.

This year, investors have reduced Meta’s market value* Halved as core business growth slowed and the number of daily active users on the company’s platforms fell for the first time in two straight quarters. Against this backdrop, Zuckerberg is increasingly focusing the company on next-gen content – a virtual world where users can buy and sell digital goods for avatars.

Note that the company’s investments in augmented and virtual reality began back in 2014 when it bought Oculus VR, a developer of VR headsets, for $2 billion. As a result, the supply of headsets could not outnumber the number of computers or smartphones sold. Despite this, Zuckerberg is optimistic about sales of the current generation of the Meta VR headset.* Quest 2, from $299. “Quest 2 was a hit”Zuckerberg said in an interview.

He also expressed satisfaction with the development of the metaverse, noting that it will take time for the platform users to grow to hundreds of millions or even a billion people. In his opinion, users can have a more immersive experience in the metaverse than when interacting with ordinary electronic messages, photos or videos, so virtual reality should be a reliable engine that will drive the company’s growth over the next decade.

In order to attract users’ attention in the next few years, Meta* plans to release a full line of hardware products and software. “Right now, we’re a company that can afford to invest more in long-term research, and we value that a lot.”said the head of Meta*.

Zuckerberg believes that the economy around the metaverse will take on enormous proportions. “You know, going forward, our agenda is really about building services that try to serve as many people as possible — get our services out to a billion, two billion, three billion people and then focus mainly on scaling to focus on monetization. We did it with Facebook* and Instagram*. The next chapter will be WhatsApp, where business messaging and commerce will play a big role.”‘ Zuckerberg said.

According to available data, in the first quarter of 2022, the number of monthly active users of meta-services increased* amounted to 3.64 billion people, which is 6% more than in the same period last year.

In addition to spending on developing the Metaverse* is investing heavily in the development of artificial intelligence-based algorithms that can drive the growth of its advertising business (currently about 97% of Meta* received through advertising) and existing applications. “We assume that you see most of the content on Facebook* and Instagram*, coming from your friends or subscriptions, add more and more content over time based on the recommendations of the AI ​​algorithm. As AI recommendations get better, you not only get access to the content of the people you follow, but to the entire variety of content on the platform.”‘ Zuckerberg said.

At the same time, further investments are being made in AI hardware. “We have just launched the AI ​​research supercluster, which we believe will be the largest AI supercomputer when fully built by the end of the year. This will allow our researchers to build new and larger models to improve rankings and recommendations in our social media and advertising segment.”— said the head of Meta*. He added that in the event of a recession, the company will reduce investments in the segment related to artificial intelligence development.

* It is included in the list of public associations and religious organizations for which the court made a final decision, activities on the grounds of Federal Law No. 114-FZ of July 25, 2002 “On Combating Extremist Activity”.

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