ZTE introduces Nubia Neovision Glass an augmented reality glasses that

ZTE introduces Nubia Neovision Glass, an augmented reality glasses that weighs only 79g

As part of the annual MWC 2023 trade fair, which is taking place these days in Barcelona, ​​many interesting new products were presented. One of them was ZTE’s Nubia augmented reality glasses. We’re talking about the Nubia Neovision Glass device, which looks like massive sunglasses.

    Image source: yankodesign.com

Image source: yankodesign.com

Among other things, the novelty is distinguished by its weight of only 79 g, at the same time the glasses are equipped with a pair of Micro-OLED displays, each with a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels and a pixel density of 3500 PPI. This means that the user of the device will see the equivalent of a 120-inch screen floating in front of their eyes.

The design includes two omnidirectional speakers that deliver high-quality sound. According to the developers, Nubia Neovision Glass is capable of delivering a whole range of experiences “both for the user’s eyes and ears”. In addition, the novelty is compatible with a wide range of devices, including smartphones, computers and game consoles.

To use Nubia glasses, they need to be connected to a device, which means they don’t have their own processing power.

Note that ZTE paid special attention not only to the appearance of augmented reality glasses, but also to their availability. The device supports myopia adjustment from 0° to 500°, which can be useful for people who wear medical glasses. Nubia Neovision Glass still looks chunkier than regular sunglasses, but is still very different from devices of this type that have appeared on the market before.

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