Zoom is teaching AI assistant Zoom IQ how to email

Zoom is teaching AI assistant Zoom IQ how to email and tell latecomers what they’ve missed

The video conferencing service Zoom presented new functions of the auxiliary tool Zoom IQ, based on artificial intelligence algorithms and developed on the basis of OpenAI technologies. The system offers advanced functions for processing materials in workshops and generating texts.

    Image source: blog.zoom.us

Image source: blog.zoom.us

The company reminded that over the past year the service has introduced many of the features of Zoom IQ based on AI algorithms: intelligent recording of meetings with division into sections and highlighting important points, as well as collection of suggestions based on customer contacts, what to do helps improve sales. Now the platform has learned to systematize the content of job interviews and generate content for chats, emails and other work materials. The administration of the service offered several scenarios that illustrate the new features of Zoom IQ.

For example, if one of the team members joins a meeting on Zoom with some delay, the system offers them a summary of what was discussed in their absence – they can even ask the AI ​​additional questions. Zoom IQ visualizes the main points of the meeting on the interactive whiteboard, summarizes the meeting, publishes them in the Zoom Team chat and the system prompts the management to take specific actions based on this data.

After a short absence, one of the team members is given a summary of what was discussed in their absence upon their return; The system helps to formulate own sentences and does so according to each user’s communication style. Finally, based on the materials available on the working platform, the generative AI creates emails to customers, while the company employee only has to make individual changes to the text and choose its intonation.

Zoom IQ’s new features will begin rolling out as early as April, but some of these will initially be available by invitation only to a limited number of users.


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