Zoom introduces collaborative notes that can be edited during a

Zoom introduces collaborative notes that can be edited during a video call

Zoom is looking to expand its video chat platform into a full-featured office suite, and its latest addition improves collaboration and document sharing. The company added a feature called Notes, which allows users to create, share, and collaborate on a text document right during a video call.

    Image source: unsplash.com

Image source: unsplash.com

Notes appear next to the video call where the Zoom chat window is usually located. Participants can make changes directly during the meeting without having to switch to another screen. This feature is positioned as a handy meeting assistant. Zoom allows users to create a meeting agenda document, edit it during the discussion, and then share it with anyone who missed a meeting or needs reminders.

Over the past year, Zoom has been fast expanded the possibilities of your service. The company added an email and calendar service and beefed up its Slack competitor called Team Chat. Also, many AI features have been added to help users be more productive.

    Image source: Zoom

Image source: Zoom

However, the company faces an uphill battle. With many users shifting to remote work during the pandemic, Zoom has experienced a strong growth spurt and has attracted a large number of customers. Now that Google and Microsoft have improved their own video chat services, customers can easily leave Zoom behind. Any Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 subscriber already has email, calendar, notes, video calling, and teams chat capabilities.


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