Zoom fixed a bug in the macOS client that caused

Zoom fixed a bug in the macOS client that caused the app to appear to be constantly listening

The video conferencing service Zoom has confirmed a bug in the client application that caused the system microphone activity indicator to remain active after disconnecting on macOS Monterey. The developer released an updated client, emphasizing that in fact the sound was not broadcast to the service resources.

Image source: zoom.us

Image source: zoom.us

Back in December, Zoom users started complaining about this issue — it was actively discussed Forum communities. The bug manifested itself in the malfunctioning of the privacy feature in macOS Monterey, which warns users when an application is using system resources such as a microphone. There have actually been occasional questions about the confidentiality of the service, sometimes allegations that the company misleads users about end-to-end encryption that didn’t surface immediately.

How it transfers The edge, a Zoom representative spoke about how the company solved the microphone display issue. Almost immediately after the error messages appeared, the service made the first attempt to fix the problem – version 5.9.1 of the client was released for it back in December, but nothing changed for some users after the update. The bug was eventually fixed in version 5.9.3 released on January 25th. A Zoom representative emphasized that despite the microphone display data, in reality the sound was not transmitted to the service’s resources and there was no actual violation of user privacy. However, it is still recommended to update to the latest version of the client.



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