YouTubes analog TikTok reaches 15 billion monthly viewers

YouTube’s analog TikTok reaches 1.5 billion monthly viewers

Video service YouTube, which launched the short film section in 2020 as a direct competitor to TikTok, reported that the service has so far reached 1.5 billion monthly visitors, driven by both material incentives for content creators and a growing arsenal of features was made possible.

    Image source: mohamed hassan /

Image source: mohamed hassan /

The monthly reach of 1.5 billion registered short video users is a pretty bold statement, as Alphabet reported in its latest quarterly report that YouTube has a total of 2 billion users who visit the platform each month. And every day short videos shorts gain 30 billion views. The impressive results are, of course, due to the financial incentives Google offered: a fund of $100 million and up to $10,000 per author per month, depending on audience and location.

With the development of the section, the issue of monetization is particularly acute. Traditional long videos can be preceded or interrupted by commercials, but in the case of shorts, this scheme is clearly not suitable, so YouTube has to look for alternative schemes. In addition, the total advertising revenue of the platform decreased as the share of short video views increased from the total time on YouTube, so testing of advertising in this area has already started. “Initial Feedback from Advertisers and Encouraging Results”Alphabet CFO Ruth Porat said in April.

Depending on the resource TechCrunch, short ads began running around the world in May, which is good news for content creators who have traditionally been offered better content monetization programs by YouTube than other social networks. And an audience of 1.5 billion viewers allows you to target with pinpoint accuracy.


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