YouTube will eliminate the Stories section

YouTube will eliminate the Stories section

YouTube video hosting removes the Stories section – posts that disappear after a period of time. channel owner miss the chance Publish from June 26th and already published content will be shown for an additional 7 days.

    Image source: Christian Wiediger /

Image source: Christian Wiediger /

The Stories section was launched on YouTube in 2017 under the name Reels. Disappearing News was made available to channels with over 10,000 subscribers. They worked like Instagram*, which in turn was migrated to from Snapchat. Stories were YouTubers posting behind-the-scenes news or content to promote channels. The feature did not catch on on YouTube: only a few were able to use it, but even they often neglected stories and made no significant presence on the platform.

The platform administration proposes to publish Stories content in other sections: in the “Community” and in Shorts. Recently, the possibilities of the “community” have expanded – authors began to determine the timing of the disappearance of text publications. And there were also polls, quizzes, photos and the actual video. YouTube is also running a campaign to boost the popularity of TikTok’s competitor vertical short shorts and trying to convince long video creators to post short videos as well.

As for stories, this format hasn’t just caught on on YouTube. Twitter also tried to implement something similar called Fleets, but the innovation didn’t even last a year.

* It is included in the list of public associations and religious organizations for which the court made a final decision to dissolve or prohibit activities on the grounds provided for in Federal Law No. 114-FZ of July 25. 2002 “On Countering Extremist Activities”.


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