YouTube will be filled with generative AI it will

YouTube will be filled with generative AI – it will do the synchronization, create backgrounds for videos and help with ideas

As part of the Made on YouTube event, the video service announced a number of interesting new products for content creators. As you might expect, more and more videos on the platform will soon be created using generative neural networks. The most noticeable innovations in this phase will be the ability to generate photo and video backgrounds, ideas and diagrams for new videos, as well as the function for dubbing content into other languages.

    Image source: YouTube

Image source: YouTube

The new Dream Screen feature allows you to use a neural network to generate videos and images that content creators can later use as backgrounds for their short videos in Shorts. In the initial phase, such videos and photos are generated based on user specifications. YouTube says that in the future, content creators will be able to remix and edit existing videos using a range of AI tools to create something new. During a demo of the Dream Screen feature during a presentation, background images were generated in seconds based on prompts.

A new AI-powered feature in YouTube Studio generates ideas and designs for potential videos. Content creators reportedly receive personalized recommendations based on what content is popular with their audience. In addition, the algorithm will be able to select music for a video based on its description based on a text query.

YouTube also announced a syncing feature powered by artificial intelligence. With its help, content creators can duplicate their videos in different languages. This tool was developed by specialists from the Aloud team, which is part of the startup incubator Area 120.

The introduction of new AI features on YouTube could mean a shift in the way creators plan, create and structure their content. Little by little, content created using generative neural networks is becoming more widespread. As the amount of content generated increases, other popular platforms like TikTok are already using special tags to mark AI-generated content.

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