YouTube will be adding many new features to Shorts similar

YouTube will be adding many new features to Shorts similar to those of TikTok

YouTube is actively expanding the capabilities of its Shorts video service, including adding features inherited from TikTok. New features include live vertical streaming, side-by-side recording, and additional tools for creating short films from long YouTube videos.

    Image source: Pixabay

Image source: Pixabay

YouTube is experimenting with adding live stream previews to users’ shorts feed. Viewers can watch a show and then scroll through a feed full of other shows. Creator monetization features such as paid chat and paid subscriptions are also available in this feed.

Posting live video can help YouTubers reach new audiences with shorts. It’s impossible not to draw parallels with TikTok’s focus on live video as a way to sell products, target audiences, and host vibrant virtual events that drive engagement. YouTube has promised full-screen live videos for the coming months.

The company is also introducing new features for creating short videos. We’re currently testing new tools for creating short videos from a horizontal YouTube clip, including the ability to scale and crop the original video. Short film creators also get a new feature that allows them to extract the audio clip and effect used in the original video. The audio starts with the same timestamp as the user’s clip.

Starting today, the company is offering the ability to record a video alongside another clip, similar to the TikTok Duet feature. The feature, called Collab, will include multiple layouts and creators can use the effect on shorts and regular YouTube videos.

YouTube is in serious competition with TikTok’s short video dominance. To attract more creators, YouTube recently lowered its eligibility requirements for monetization on the platform and opened some YouTube Partner Program features to creators with a smaller audience.


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