YouTube will automatically highlight the most interesting parts of the video

YouTube often allows certain parts of the audience to participate in experiments, giving them the opportunity to try out new features that are not yet available to most. Now Google has announced that a small number of users will be able to see special marks above the progress bar in YouTube videos.

The experiment data appeared on the YouTube support page. In accordance with the description of the function, the service is experimenting with showing users special markings that allow them to find the most interesting parts of the video.

Participants in the experiment will see a special graph above the classic red progress bar – the higher the graph, the more often this part of the video is reviewed by users. The note emphasizes that only a small percentage of smartphone and PC users are involved in the experiment.

Something similar has long been present on some entertainment sites, but how different the version of Google will be is still unknown – no confirmed testimonies from users have yet been reported. It is possible that if the experiment is successful, the corresponding columns will appear not only for the focus group, but also for other users.


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