YouTube to hire a top executive to develop its podcast business

YouTube is looking for a top executive to oversee the podcast business. This is a new position for the video platform and a sign that the Alphabet holding company that owns the service is starting to take this line of business seriously.



YouTube is still one of the most popular platforms for podcast lovers today – many content creators record their episodes and upload them to the site as videos. One of the largest podcasts in the world, The Joe Rogan Experience has over 11 million YouTube subscribers. And some popular video bloggers like Logan Paul and h3h3 have changed their format and turned into podcasters.

However, on the platform as a whole, little has been done so far to optimize the app and site for podcast listeners – this work is still being done by other developers at Google. But a YouTube official confirmed that the platform is now looking for a senior executive to oversee the organization and management of the site’s millions of podcasts.

Compared to online video, podcasting is a more modest trend. Last year, YouTube ad sales delivered nearly $ 20 billion, while the entire US podcasting business could not surpass $ 1 billion. But podcasting’s financial results are expected to double this year. There is an active struggle for podcast listeners now. Google will have to compete with Spotify, which has already spent billions of dollars buying podcasting companies and shows, and increased investment from Amazon and Apple. Spotify has even started experimenting with video podcasts (vodcasts). In Google, podcasts have already had to go through the transfer from one platform to another: at first they were hosted on the Play Music service, which later closed, so it was decided to move them to a specialized application for Android.


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