YouTube The delay in loading videos is due to ad

YouTube: The delay in loading videos is due to ad blockers and is not browser dependent

Yesterday, many users began complaining about a five-second delay in loading YouTube videos in Firefox and Microsoft Edge browsers. They claimed that the lag occurs regardless of the presence of an ad blocker, while this issue was not observed in Chrome. Today the video service commented on the situation, explaining that the problem was related to ad blockers, not browsers, and was an attempt to “Encourage viewers to allow advertising..

    Image source: Pixabay

Image source: Pixabay

The YouTube press service’s comment on the Android Authoruty resource is as follows: “To support the diverse ecosystem of creators around the world and give billions of users access to the content they love on YouTube, we’re trying to encourage viewers who have ad blocking turned on to allow ads or use YouTube Premium for try out an ad.” free experience. Users who have ad blockers installed may experience limitations regardless of which browser they use.”.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t explain why the five second delay disappears when using Google Chrome. One thing is clear: Users who experience a delay must either accept it, allow advertising on YouTube or subscribe to YouTube Premium.

It had previously been reported that the video service YouTube had violated EU data protection law in its fight against ad blockers. Data protection expert Alexander Hanff has lodged a complaint with the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC). Hanff argues that YouTube’s ad blocker detection system violates users’ privacy rights and is illegal.

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