YouTube tests view and like counts with real time updates

YouTube tests view and like counts with real-time updates

YouTube as the most popular in the world VideoThe platform constantly offers viewers and content creators new features and opportunities. The next innovation will be new counters for likes and views that can update data in real time.

    Image source: Alexander Shatov /

Image source: Alexander Shatov /

The number of likes and views are the most important indicators that determine the popularity of content on YouTube. The number of views and interaction with a video are also criteria for monetizing a video. Today, the corresponding counters do not change in real time, but are adjusted with updates to the video page, and the platform administration has decided to change this: in the future, the counter indicators are likely to change even when watching the same video in another application or again Open the page.

The YouTube administration has not yet commented on the details of the new feature and the timing of its appearance in the application. A number of users already have access to it and it could be publicly available in the coming months. For some, it may appear when you manually update the application to the latest version. The section on testing new features and experiments states: “If you ever notice that your YouTube looks a little different than your friend or family member’s, you’ll probably check out one of the experiments.”.


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