YouTube talked about whats new in 2022 the development of

YouTube talked about what’s new in 2022: the development of the short video format Shorts, NFT and the Metaverse

YouTube Product Director Neal Mohan divided on the company’s official blog with service plans for 2022. Innovations will hit the hottest areas: short videos, NFTs, as well as the metaverse.

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YouTube relies on the short video format Shorts – an analogue of TikTok. The format is incredibly popular because only as of this writing, the total number of shorts views has already surpassed 5 trillion. The service is actively developing this direction: over the past year, a fund for financial support of the most popular authors was created. In the future, the functionality of shorts will be significantly expanded: there will be new video effects, editing tools, as well as means of communication between video authors and viewers – in particular, it will be possible to respond to a comment by recording a new short video. There will also be new tools to monetize shorts throughout the year, e.g. B. ordering goods directly from the video.

Another promising direction on YouTube is live broadcasts, which is also for good reason: from January 2020 to December 2021, the total time spent watching them more than tripled. The most important innovation will be the possibility for several authors to participate in a live broadcast.

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The service sees serious prospects in Web3 technologies. YouTube is confident that blockchain and NFT will help creators build closer interactions with viewers. Fans can acquire ownership of unique videos, photos, and other digital artworks. How exactly this can be implemented has not yet been decided by the administration of the service, but YouTube has no doubts about the potential of such solutions.

The service places increasing importance on the audience that watches videos on TV. In the foreseeable future, watching YouTube on big screens will become more interactive – in parallel, you can use your phone to read and comment on the video you’re watching, share links to videos with friends and much more, according to the Administration about the service is still silent.

Mr. Mohan also mentioned the direction of YouTube Music. To date, the service’s library contains more than 80 million official singles, albums, remixes, covers and rare tracks. Premium subscribers will receive new tools throughout the year that provide better sound quality, in particular the ability to make loud sounds quieter and soft sounds louder.

Finally, YouTube couldn’t ignore the subject of the metaverse. The service is now working on the question of how to convey “immersive” vision, i.e. the effect of presence. This initially affects the direction of the game. How this is to be implemented is not yet known.



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