YouTube shares advertising revenue with short video creators

YouTube shares advertising revenue with short video creators

youtube said about plans to share ad revenue with short video creators – they will appear in the Short Films section. A similar program runs on TikTok, but only on less favorable terms: a limited fund and correspondingly small payouts.

    Image source: mohamed hassan /

Image source: mohamed hassan /

The YouTube platform began sharing ad revenue with creators back in 2007, and today 2 million creators participate in the program. The service sold $28 billion worth of ads last year, and that doesn’t include payouts to creators. Any creator of short videos whose channels have more than 10 million views and the number of subscribers exceeds 1000 people can join the new YouTube Shorts project.

But when creators get 55% of ad revenue on the main YouTube platform, their share in the shorts section drops to 45%. YouTube Vice President Tara Walpert Levy said the company changed the fee to build a “long-term business.”

The platform also launched the Creator Music program, which offers users simplified mechanisms to license popular music for use in their videos and monetize views – in such cases, copyright owners got 100% of the music videos. It’s music that has become one of the major factors behind TikTok’s popularity.

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