YouTube Premium subscribers can zoom in on the mobile app

YouTube Premium subscribers can zoom in on the mobile app

YouTube has added an experimental feature to its Android app that lets you zoom in on a video player. Zooming videos with the Pinch to Zoom gesture command on the touchscreen is only available to YouTube Premium subscribers.

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Image source: StockSnap /

The new feature allows not only to resize the video, but also to pan it to see different parts of the image and freely change the screen orientation from horizontal to vertical and vice versa. By default, the feature is disabled. To enable it, a YouTube Premium subscriber must open their profile in the app and enable zoom-in settings. It may take some time for the feature to start, but once it’s activated, you can zoom in on the image up to 8x.

Previously, YouTube’s new features were tested by app beta testers and casual users, but starting in 2020, experimental features are available to premium subscribers. Now the application offers them other new features: simplified management of playlists and voice search in the browser. Zoom is available until September 1st and is only supported on Android devices for now.


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