YouTube launches live streaming for two users

YouTube launches live streaming for two users

YouTube has a new Go Live Together feature that allows you to invite a guest while streaming and do a “double” stream together. An invitation link can be sent to anyone, including the viewer of that show. Only one guest can be present, but it’s always possible to turn them off and invite someone else.

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Go Live Together appears in the YouTube Android and iOS apps on the Create tab under the Start Broadcast option. The author of the show can send the link to anyone. Only one guest can be present “Creator needs more than 50 subscribers to stream together”. You can rotate guests by resetting the invite link and sending a different one if needed. At the same time, Go Live Together shows will show main channel commercials as usual – at the beginning, middle and end of the show.

To join the stream, you need to open the invite link sent by the streaming host on your mobile device. The link can be sent via email, SMS or any messenger. Next, you need to choose a channel and after the offer to join the waiting room, click “Join”. It is recommended to check the audio and video quality before going live.

Once a co-stream starts, viewers will see two bars stacked vertically, with the author feed at the top and the guest feed at the bottom.

This feature is currently only available for mobile devices, but YouTube is aware of this “Many users are excited about this feature in the desktop version, allowing them to co-stream directly from YouTube on their computer.” This feature is currently under investigation by Google.

Additionally, live streaming of Google Meet calls to YouTube became available for free Gmail accounts, although it was previously a Workspace-exclusive option.

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