YouTube is testing a smart video upload feature

YouTube is testing a smart video upload feature

Some YouTube users already have a new feature called Smart Downloads on their Android smartphones. Although not available to everyone, a select few can download videos automatically.

Source: claudid/

Source: claudid/

Specifically, the feature allows the user to automatically download 20 videos per week when connected to a Wi-Fi network. Offline content appears in the Downloads subsection of the Library section.

The feature is almost identical to the feature already present in YouTube Music and will be useful for those who use tariff plans with little prepaid traffic or frequently travel to areas where the internet connection is too unstable or non-existent. A special algorithm is responsible for selecting the videos to be uploaded.

Users with low remaining disk space will be notified of the additional steps required to keep Smart Downloads running. The feature works on the latest version of Android.



YouTube has decided to limit the number of users who can test the new feature. It is only available for some premium account users in Europe.

To check if Smart Upload is available for a user’s account, you need to go to the YouTube app, click on the avatar icon, select “Settings” and “Try new features”. Another option is to go to the Library section and click the Smart Downloads banner in the Downloads section.



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