YouTube is experimenting with less private but longer ad units

YouTube is experimenting with less private but longer ad units in the TV app

Video Hosting YouTube is considering supporting various ways of displaying and duration of advertising spots in video broadcasts in its main application on TVs. One option is sparser but longer ad units that don’t interrupt the content you’re watching as often.

    Image source: Erik Mclean/

Image source: Erik Mclean/

Instead of serving short ads spread over a specific video, YouTube tries to send longer ad fragments that appear in the middle of the viewed video for video hosting users who don’t have a premium subscription. It is currently unknown how long these ad units will ultimately be. In conversation with the portal The edge YouTube’s head of advertising, Rettke Nicky (Nicky Rettke), said that some strictly defined durations of commercials have not yet been accepted.

“There are many factors that go into deciding when to show an ad break. Let’s just say it’s a dynamic problem. The overall change is that while we will continue to use a dynamic approach when choosing ad placement, the average number of those ad impressions will go down.”said Rettke.

The platform is also considering using a simpler ad-skipping or end-of-ad-block countdown timer. This updated countdown timer may appear on TVs in the lower-right corner of the screen for some YouTube users instead of the “Video will continue playing after the ad” message.

Now the YouTube countdown timer is located in the top left corner and shows how many ad units the platform user will see or how long the ad will last before continuing to watch the content. The current and new version of the timer can be seen in the image above.

“We will assess user reaction to these changes. Let’s find out if they’re perceived positively by viewers, content creators, and advertisers. If so, we will continue to implement these changes for all users of the platform [без подписки Premium]»Rettke added.

Previously, YouTube threatened to ban the video player for using an ad blocker and also introduced the display of 30-second, non-disabled ad blocks on YouTube-enabled TVs in some countries.

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