YouTube is adding a For You section with a customized

YouTube is adding a “For You” section with a customized selection of videos for each viewer

Starting November 20, YouTube will offer a new “For You” section on channel pages based on each viewer’s preferences. The new feature, similar to TikTok’s mechanisms, suggests content selected based on the user’s browsing history.

    Image source: Creator Insider / YouTube

Image source: Creator Insider / YouTube

Before rolling out the new feature, YouTube is requiring content creators to set up their For You settings in advance. In YouTube Studio, creators can use the Customization tab and Layout subsection to specify what types of content – long videos, short videos, or broadcasts – appear in that section. This allows them to better tailor their offers to the interests and preferences of their target group.

    Image source: TeamYouTube/X

Image source: TeamYouTube/X

In May of this year, a video was released on the Creator Insider channel in which YouTube employees had an open dialogue with creators and announced this feature. Product manager Ann Katrin Kuessner presented it as an alternative to the monotonous channel homepage. She noted that the new section will be particularly useful for channels with different content – ​​different topics, languages ​​and video formats.

Personalizing content on YouTube opens new horizons for audience engagement. The “For You” section becomes not only a tool to keep viewers’ attention, but also a platform to increase their engagement. This innovation could have a significant impact on advertising strategies and content monetization, increasing competition for viewers’ interests.

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