YouTube has started blocking videos for ad blockers around the

YouTube has started blocking videos for ad blockers around the world

The video service YouTube has expanded its efforts in the fight against ad blockers. platform “launched a global initiative”which is intended to encourage users to add the resource to exceptions in their ad blocker settings or subscribe to YouTube Premium, writes The edge citing a statement from YouTube PR manager Christopher Lawton.

    Image source: Christian Wiediger /

Image source: Christian Wiediger /

Some viewers will be informed about this “Video playback will be blocked until YouTube is whitelisted or the ad blocker is disabled.”. There is also an offer to subscribe to YouTube Premium. In some cases the platform limits itself to a warning, but users are increasingly confronted with refusals to play videos.

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In June, the YouTube administration confirmed that it had disabled video playback for those using ad blockers, but at that time Mr. Lawton called out the initiative “a small global experiment”, now its impact has expanded and in recent weeks there have been more and more complaints about video blocking. The service administration notes that the use of ad blockers violates the Terms of Use: “Advertising supports a diverse ecosystem of creators around the world and enables billions of people to access the content they love on YouTube.”.

The platform has made several changes to its advertising model this year: In May, the app for smart TVs introduced permanent 30-second commercials, and YouTube later began experimenting with longer but less frequent commercial breaks. These measures are aimed at encouraging viewers to take out a paid subscription, but the platform’s management creates hurdles for itself: the cost of YouTube Premium has increased by $ 2 in the US, and Europeans are on the cheaper YouTube Premium Lite excluded plan with no ads but also no premium features.

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