YouTube has introduced a Stable Volume feature not yet

YouTube has introduced a “Stable Volume” feature – not yet available to everyone

According to the latest data that has surfaced on social networks, YouTube has added an additional feature to the settings. There is not much data about them yet – nothing has been reported about the innovations on YouTube itself. However, the feature has already appeared for many people, including the fairly famous tech blogger M. Brandon Lee (M. Brandon Lee).

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Judging by the screenshots presented, the corresponding switch appeared in the settings under “Backlight” (environmental mode) – to check its presence, you need to go to the settings of a specific video.

There is no exact data on what exactly the “Stable Volume” switch does – according to some information it is an equalization of the volume level in the video, i.e. smoothing peaks that are too loud and amplifying fragments that are too quiet.

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It is worth noting that the version of some users that the new feature “levels” the volume in all videos in the playlist is questionable, since the corresponding switches are located in the settings of individual videos. It is also not known if AI algorithms are applied when using the feature.

So far, it’s known that only a few users of the YouTube app have received the relevant toggle – most Android and iOS users haven’t got it yet.

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