YouTube could launch a streaming service aggregator this fall

YouTube could launch a streaming service aggregator this fall

For a year and a half, YouTube has been working on creating an online store for streaming videos on the platform. The results of this work can be presented to the public as early as next autumn, and negotiations are now underway with the rights holders.

    Image source: Tymon Oziemblewski /

Image source: Tymon Oziemblewski /

Today, YouTube TV subscribers can not only watch TV channels, but also subscribe to streaming services like HBO Max. As part of the new project, streaming can be connected directly to YouTube. Amazon, Roku and Apple already have similar offerings – it’s really handy to have access to all your favorite movies and series in one place.

The idea of ​​launching a “streaming marketplace” on YouTube was mooted back in 2020, but it’s only now that video streaming services are starting to take it seriously — eventually the topic of expanding audiences emerges as a focal issue for everyone Platform. This is understood in YouTube itself and 2 billion monthly active users in negotiations with potential partners are cited as the main argument, writes Wall Street Journal with reference to sources close to the negotiations.

Finally, from a marketing point of view, the model seems quite promising: after watching the trailer of a movie or series on YouTube, the viewer can immediately subscribe to enjoy the entire tape.

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