YouTube continuously serves 30 second ads on TVs and ads when

YouTube continuously serves 30-second ads on TVs and ads when you press pause

YouTube has inherited an important and not particularly popular role from traditional television channels. At the YouTube brandcast event, management announced that the most popular content on smart TVs will be accompanied by 30-second non-stop commercials – the same ones that have been running on traditional TV channels for decades.

    Image source: Erik Mclean/

Image source: Erik Mclean/

However, this is not the only “gift” to users. The event also announced the start of testing of a new feature called Pause Experiences: ads are shown when the user presses pause while the video is playing. In addition, representatives of YouTube management boasted about the achievements of the service: the number of YouTube and YouTube TV users watching content on smart TVs in December 2022 exceeded 150 million people – in the US alone. The service maintains its leading position in the country among the most popular channels for receiving content from TV screens (the statistics refer to both streaming platforms and traditional TV channels). In April, it was the only platform to record monthly viewer growth.

According to YouTube, more and more users are using smart TVs to watch YouTube, indicating a change in viewer preferences. At the same time, users, especially young ones, do not want to distinguish between the channels of content reception – on the same platform they want to see popular vloggers, sporting events and blockbusters, and all this can now be found on YouTube.

A new non-switchable 30-second ad will appear in YouTube’s 5% most viewed and “engaging” videos picks. This functionality will be available in the US first and then likely around the world. Since YouTube is already showing consecutive 15-second videos unstoppably, this will be almost painless for users.

Ads during Pause Experiences will also be available in experimental mode. The videos will be “highly visual” and may include QR codes to interact with brands.

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