YouTube allows creators to add timestamps to the products they

YouTube allows creators to add timestamps to the products they promote in their videos

YouTube continues to expand the service’s functionality, offering video content creators a new tool: the ability to add timestamps to products mentioned in their videos. Now you can add a button to proceed to purchase at a specific point in the video, which will certainly help create a closer interaction between the viewer and the advertisement.

    Image source: SAM-RIZ44 / Pixabay

Image source: SAM-RIZ44 / Pixabay

This innovation is particularly important for companies and content creators collaborating on a common project. By presenting a product at the right time, you can significantly increase the likelihood of purchase. The ability to control when the Buy button appears will certainly be appreciated by both creators and sponsors.

    Image source: Google

Image source: SAM-RIZ44 / Pixabay

Additionally, YouTube will introduce several other new shopping options. Creators can now tag affiliate products en masse in their video libraries, which the platform says will help generate revenue from older, still-popular content. YouTube Studio will have a feature that allows you to see which affiliate products bring the most income to content creators. These changes will take effect in the coming weeks.


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