YouTube allows content creators to use licensed music to monetize

YouTube allows content creators to use licensed music to monetize videos

During the Made on YouTube event, the video host announced the Creator Music program, which allows content creators to use licensed music to monetize their videos. The program is currently in beta testing in the United States and will be available to users of the service from other countries next year.

    Image source: Tymon Oziemblewski /

Image source: Tymon Oziemblewski /

There are two ways to interact within the Creator Music program. The first of these allows creators to license music directly and receive all revenue (except for YouTube’s 45 percent share). The second option assumes that content authors share revenue with license holders. According to Billboard, the new YouTube program will reach 27.5% of content creators on the site.

In the past, the use of music was a problem for YouTube content creators, as they had to use royalty-free tracks to prevent their videos from being demoed. The fact is that using even a small fragment of a track by a famous artist without the permission of the copyright owner can lead to the banning of the video on YouTube.

YouTube has reportedly signed deals with more than 50 music labels, publishers, and distributors, although there aren’t any major labels on that list yet. However, a spokesman for the platform noted that several hundred thousand songs will be available to members of the Creator Music program. Because of this, video hosting obviously expects to attract new users to the platform.


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