Youre going to scare my kids away Pro soccer players

“You’re going to scare my kids away”: Pro soccer players poked fun at their gaming incarnations in FIFA 23

The other day, six months after launch, women’s clubs from the American National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) and UEFA Women’s European Champions League (UWCL). The performance of athletes in the game leaves much to be desired.

    Image Source: Steam

Image Source: Steam

Unfortunately, virtual models not only look unnatural, but sometimes they don’t look like real soccer players at all. Houston Dash defender Caprice Dydasco for example in FIFA 23 turned out much lighter than usual: “Thanks to EA Sports for the long-awaited addition to the NWSL, but that’s not me”.

Angel City FC goalscorer Sidney Leroux himself in FIFA 23 I didn’t recognize (“Please don’t tell me I did a full body scan for this”). Screenshot of their virtual version of the athlete set instead of profile: “You scare my kids”. FIFA 16 soccer player please you more.

Other footballers make jokes too: Janine Beckie from the Portland Thorns found in his game embodiment “long lost twin (apparently fraternal)”and Angel City FC’s Madison Hammond asks find yourself in FIFA 23 because “it’s… just not me”.

FIFA 23 uses face scanning technology to create more realistic models of pro players, but the Electronic Arts team seemed to lack the resources to create a believable in-game version for every NWSL player.

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