You poison everything you touch The release of the Far

“You poison everything you touch”: The release of the Far Cry 6 addendum “Joseph: Collapse” has taken place

Publisher Ubisoft and Developer Ubisoft Toronto reported about the release of the paid add-on Joseph: Collapse to his open world shooter Far Cry 6.

Image source: Ubisoft

Image source: Ubisoft

Recall that the events of Joseph: Collapse will unfold in a distorted version of Hope County, where players will have the opportunity to enter the tormented spirit of the villain Joseph Sid, who has found his faith through Far Cry 5 has lost.

As part of the expansion, Joseph must battle former followers and challenge the family to defeat the demons within. The passage is also available in shared mode (even with a friend’s pass).

The trailer for “Joseph: Collapse” released on the occasion of the premiere shows excerpts from the gameplay under the allegations of the hero to negatively influence his herd: “You poison everything you touch”.

Joseph Collapse is available now on PC (Ubisoft Connect, EGS), PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, as well as Google Stadia and Amazon Luna. The addon is available both separately and as part of the Season Pass.


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