You need to tell your grandkids about this CSGO player

“You need to tell your grandkids about this”: CS:GO player killed entire enemy team with one shot

In Counter-Strike online shooters there is the concept of ACE (from the English ACE, that is, All Clan Elimination) – the elimination of the entire enemy team by one player. This is a rare feat in itself, but recently a CS:GO user under the alias sp1cay managed to pull off something even more impressive.

    Image Source: Valve

Image Source: Valve

How the portal drew attention kotakuwhile sp1cay was recently playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with friends on the Inferno map, after a short run and throwing a grenade, sp1cay makes a single shot with his AWP sniper rifle, eliminating all five opponents from the enemy team.

In a conversation with blogger Jake Lucky sp1cay – fast becoming a celebrity among Counter-Strike players – explainedWhat “Would like nothing more than people to watch his full YouTube video”. Attached is a 40 second video of the iconic shot below.

“I’ve never seen anything like it, so it’s probably rare? Not sure! I hope everyone enjoys watching.”, – wrote sp1cay in the description of the gameplay passage. In the comments, the player explained how unusual this shot turned out to be.

As expected, the audience was impressed by sp1cay’s performance and didn’t spare big words:

  • “Insanely Unreal”– specified JakoMako89;
  • “Dude, that’s the craziest thing. Valve needs to promote it”– considered Glori4n;
  • “More than 10 years of CS:GO and we finally found the top of the clips from the game”– the blogger is sure koofy;
  • “A fantastic moment in video game history. Send that to Jeff [Кейли]so he can add it to the highlights of The Game Awards”offers bear crime;
  • “I’m not sure I’ll see anything like this in my life”Doubt balas;
  • “You must tell your grandchildren about this – I would say so”– gives advice FahmiZFX;
  • “I don’t even play the game, but I get that it’s cool!” speaks for most of us Epic A.

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