You knew everyone knew The problems with Cyberpunk 2077 at

“You knew, everyone knew”: The problems with Cyberpunk 2077 at the launch are not just to blame for the test company

Romanian studio Quantic Lab and employees of CD Projekt RED commented on the recent rumors about the reasons for the deplorable technical condition of the ambitious role-playing action film Cyberpunk 2077 at launch.

    Image Source: Steam (Prince Vegeta)

Image source: CD Projekt RED

According to a video posted by blogger Upper Echelon Gamers, Quantic Lab, which helped test the game, lied to CDPR about the size and experience of their team and also prevented them from focusing on solving critical issues.

In a statement to the portal Chronicle of Video Games Quantic Lab head Stefan Seicarescu noted that the YouTuber’s report contains inaccuracies about Quantic Lab and the blogger himself does not fully understand how the quality control process works.

“Agreements with all of our clients are confidential, but typically large publishers work with multiple outsourcers (rather than one) and rely on their in-house resources at the developer level.”‘ Said Seicarescu.

    Quantic Lab employs over 400 people in three Romanian offices and works with more than 60 customers

Quantic Lab employs over 400 people in three Romanian offices and works with more than 60 customers

As for the comments of the CD Projekt RED staff interviewed by the blogger LegacyKillaHD The employees jointly assure that the studio management alone is to blame for the condition of Cyberpunk 2077 at launch.

“We’re not idiots who spend hours making obviously bad mistakes. Statement unknown to the authorities [о проблемах], That’s just funny. You knew it, everyone knew it. They’ve been playing the game all day.”— shared one of the employees about the right to anonymity.

Cyberpunk 2077 debuted in December 2020 on PC (Steam, GOG, EGS), PS4, Xbox One and Google Stadia. According to the staff, due to the tight release dates, the bugs did not have time to fix – on the eve of the premiere, the project was postponed three times.

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