You got it all wrong the developers of Subnautica 2

You got it all wrong: the developers of Subnautica 2 hastened to explain what the “game-services model” means for the sequel

Developers from the studio Unknown Worlds Entertainment commented information about the unannounced survival simulator Subnautica 2, found in a recent financial report from publisher Krafton.

  Image source: Steam (Hikan)

Image source: Steam (Hikan)

Let us recall that in the Krafton document the new Subnautica was described as “multiplayer sequel” (there will be a co-op for four people, but also the ability to play alone) with “game-service model” and release in 2024.

Hearing the service game and Subnautica 2 in the same sentence got fans of the original game worried and began threatening to boycott the hotly anticipated sequel. However, everything turned out to be not so bad.

  Image Source: Unknown Worlds Entertainment

Image Source: Unknown Worlds Entertainment

Unknown Worlds assured that under “game-service model” in the case of Subnautica 2, this means only a plan to update the project over time: “No season tickets. No battle passes. No subscriptions”.

According to the authors, Subnautica 2 will not be focused on multiplayer – co-op is optional. In addition, the game will not be released in 2024 (even in early access), but the developers plan to start sharing its details.

  Image source: Krafton

Image source: Krafton

The above statements have already been reflected in revised version of Krafton financial statements. With the new edition, Subnautica 2’s goal is not to increase its fan base, but to develop it jointly with players.

“Thank you for staying tuned for updates on the progress of our next game. We can’t wait to show off what we’ve been working on and hope you love it as much as we do.”,” shared in Unknown Worlds.

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