You can now select Creative Balanced or Accurate response modes

You can now select Creative, Balanced, or Accurate response modes for AI bots in Bing

Microsoft has added a new feature to the updated Bing search engine that allows you to change modes of communication with a chatbot integrated into the search engine. Users can choose between creative, balanced and precise modes.

    Image source: Microsoft

Image source: Microsoft

Creative mode assumes that the chatbot’s responses are “more original and imaginative,” while precise mode allows the algorithm to provide short answers supported by facts. Accordingly, Balanced mode is a cross between the previously mentioned options. By default, the chatbot works in a balanced mode, trying to find a balance between accuracy and creativity. This innovation will soon be available to all users of the chatbot in Bing.

The new modes are expected to help smooth out situations where the chatbot has given rude or inaccurate responses, as previously reported. Initially, Microsoft tried to solve this problem by preventing the algorithm from answering certain questions. However, this caused the chatbot to become less responsive and more likely to refuse to answer user questions, including those it had previously answered. Microsoft has managed to fix many of the problems related to the algorithm being unresponsive with a neural network update rolled out earlier this week.

Note that this week Microsoft also added a Bing chatbot shortcut to the Windows 11 taskbar so users can quickly start interacting with it. Bing’s new preview, which includes access to an advanced chatbot, is currently being tested with over a million users in 169 countries.


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