Xiaomi will abandon MIUI the popular shell will be

Xiaomi will abandon MIUI – the popular shell will be replaced by MiOS

The Chinese company Xiaomi has used the MIUI brand for the user interface of its Android mobile operating system since 2010. It has now been announced that the manufacturer plans to abandon this name and soon replace it with MiOS.

    Image source: GSM Arena

Image source: GSM Arena

Over the years of existence of the MIUI shell, the Chinese company has managed to build an impressive user base. According to available data, MIUI devices are currently used by 564 million people around the world every month. The latest version of MIUI 14 was announced in December last year. According to online sources, the provider intends to abandon the use of the MIUI brand and the next version of the shell will be called MiOS.

It is currently unknown whether MiOS will be the new name for the Android UI installed on Android or whether Xiaomi is developing its own operating system for mobile devices. In the past, there have been rumors that Xiaomi wants to follow in the footsteps of Huawei, which released its software platform based on the Android Open Source Project code. Xiaomi is believed to be developing a software platform not only for smartphones and tablets, but also for wearable devices and even electric vehicles.

It is noted that Xiaomi has already registered the MiOS trademark and the domain mios.cn. Additionally, there were reports in Chinese media about the release of a beta version of MiOS that was available to some local developers.


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