Xiaomi has promised that its fast 120-watt charging will not harm smartphone batteries

Xiaomi will be launching an ultra-fast 120W HyperCharge charger this month alongside the flagship Xiaomi 11T. Many are skeptical about such solutions, believing that they lead to accelerated battery wear, but Xiaomi claims that this is not the case.



According to Daniel Desjarlais, head of Xiaomi’s international public relations department, users of the new ultra-fast charger should not be afraid of accelerated battery wear. The battery of the novelty consists of two separate cells that will be charged at the same time, comparing this solution with fueling two separate tanks installed in one car. According to him, the battery of the upcoming Xiaomi 11T Pro will provide the same durability as the batteries of smartphones with a lower power supply rate. It is reported that after 800 charge cycles, which roughly corresponds to two years of using the device, the battery will still retain at least 80% capacity. For example, Apple claims that its smartphone batteries lose the same 20% capacity after 500 charge cycles.



Desyarlet says that Xiaomi has tested the HyperCharge charging extremely thoroughly with independent experts. He claims that the Xiaomi 11T Pro has a number of different battery protection features that will not only keep the battery healthy for a long time, but also make the smartphone safe for users. Note that Xiaomi already had experience in equipping smartphones with 120-W charging – such a power supply was in last year’s Mi 10 Ultra for the Chinese market.

Xiaomi believes fast charging technology can be improved even further. Earlier this year, the company showed off a prototype 200W charging that can fully charge a 4000mAh battery in eight minutes. This solution is not yet ready for mainstream use, but it indicates that further progress in the field of fast charging is possible, and in the coming years we will be able to see smartphones, which will have to spend a few minutes on power.

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