XCloud Streaming Gaming Service Will Now Offer Xbox Series X Performance

Microsoft has completed the next stage of equipping the cloud platform Xbox Cloud Gaming (xCloud) with new hardware. Now users of the cloud service are offered a gaming experience that is identical to what owners of Xbox Series X consoles already have – with improved download times of games, as well as resolution and frame rates. In fact, Microsoft is now offering users a virtual Xbox Series X.

Xbox Cloud Gaming previously supported resolutions up to 1080p with frame rates up to 60 FPS, while the new hardware allows you to play at resolutions up to 4K. True, it has not yet been announced when the opportunity to enjoy games in 4K resolution will be available to all users.

However, it is reported that Microsoft intends to push its service far beyond the conventional mobile devices it initially targeted. Microsoft is currently working on a dedicated TV app. Also, according to some reports, it is planned to release separate devices for streaming content to TVs and monitors, like set-top boxes. In addition, xCloud is already available for Windows 10 users via the Xbox app, and will appear on Xbox consoles by the end of the year. In addition, it is likely that xCloud technology will be integrated into Facebook Gaming.

Microsoft has recently expanded its geographic reach to include Australia, Brazil, Mexico and Japan. The xCloud service is now available in 26 countries. Additionally, the company has previously hinted at new options as part of its Xbox Game Pass subscription, so you can expect more options to come with access to Xbox Cloud Gaming soon.

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