Xbox Series X and S remain Microsofts best selling consoles

Xbox Series X and S remain Microsoft’s best-selling consoles

Last year, at an annual financial report event, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella called the Xbox Series X and S the best-selling consoles in the company’s history. A year later, that statement still holds true.

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This year, the group’s CEO said that sales of the new generation of Xbox consoles have not shown any significant slowdown since their launch two years ago: after him, Microsoft “have sold more consoles in their lifetime than any previous Xbox generation”. That said, none of the branded set-top boxes sold such editions as the X and S series in two years. The global shortage of chips did not prevent the record either, which forced many manufacturers to stop conveyors or reduce production.

Mr Nadella also shared other good news. In the last three quarters in particular, the Xbox has consistently outperformed the PS5. The gaming cloud platform xCloud is also doing well: more than 4 million players have already started Fortnite here, and 1 million of them are new to the ecosystem. However, the fiscal year that ended on June 30, 2022 not only brought the company records: Microsoft’s gaming revenue fell by 7% in the last quarter, revenue from content and services in the Xbox ecosystem fell by 6%, and equipment sales were down 11% on a yearly basis.

The Xbox division also expects its revenue to decline slightly in the coming quarter as less content appears on the platform, but revenue from console sales and Game Pass subscriptions could increase.


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