Xbox refused FPS Boost due to frequent bugs: new games with the function should not be expected in the near future

In a recent interview on the Iron Lords podcast, Xbox Project Management Jason Ronald revealed that Microsoft no longer plans to implement FPS Boost in backward compatibility games on Xbox Series X and S.

Image source: Xbox Wire

Image source: Xbox Wire

Ronald said that while the Xbox team is always looking for ways to improve any old games for modern platforms, their current methods have sadly reached their limits. The technology in most cases causes errors that interfere with the operation of the game. Therefore, the team ditched FPS Boost, at least until they came up with new methods to increase the frame rate.

“We’re always looking for new ways to improve games, whether it’s higher resolutions, better frame rates, things like Auto HDR., – he said. – I’ll say right now: with the existing technology that we use for FPS Boost, we have tried much more than the 130 games you know, and the vast majority of projects work great, but then we find a bug that breaks 80% of the time the game is played. We are going to keep looking for new opportunities and new ways to improve games, but in the near future we will have nothing … Now we are trying to understand what the limitations of our current technology “

Microsoft’s gaming team also previously announced that due to a variety of legal and technical issues, the library of backward-compatible games for the Xbox One and Xbox Series X and S consoles will no longer be added.

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