Xbox points out Windows console features like Quick Resume

Xbox points out Windows console features like Quick Resume

During the premiere of the ASUS ROG Ally portable game console with Windows 11, Roanne Sones, head of the Xbox hardware development team, hinted at possible changes in Windows. In her opinion, the new device makes the gaming experience of PC users with the Microsoft operating system look differently.

    ROG Ally on Windows 11. Image source: ASUS

ROG Ally on Windows 11. Image source: ASUS

Noting in particular the ability of modern consoles to quickly resume an interrupted game, she explained that ROG Ally forced Microsoft to consider a similar feature for PC. “How do we see the integration of this feature into the Windows platform?”she asked rhetorically. In addition, the importance of the Quick Resume feature was highlighted, which allows you to quickly start the game from the point where it was interrupted.

Sones has made similar comments before, for example during another event also dedicated to ROG Ally that took place in April, where she discussed with game publishers “interaction level”are required for such functions to occur. In other words, experts are seeing hints of a possible Windows feature like Quick Resume on the Xbox Series X and Series S. According to the company’s website, it’s that feature “Allows you to pick up where you left off. When you switch from one game to another, the console saves the state of the current game..

Porting console-specific features to Windows could help address some of the operating system’s shortcomings when running on compact gaming machines like the ROG Ally. It is not yet known whether it will be the introduction of new features for new games individually, or whether changes can be made at the level of the entire operating system.

Microsoft recently experimented with a “portable console” mode in Windows, but it was just a staff hackathon and there is no reliable evidence that such a mode will ever appear in the operating system. Meanwhile, ASUS is working independently to add new features and buttons to its own application for Ally without collaborating with the OS manufacturer. However, the nuances of portable consoles on Windows are not limited to interface problems. For example, when you press the power button in modern standby, the internet connection is maintained, but game downloads, for example, are interrupted and the battery is more actively drained than in hibernation (although the latter has its disadvantages). .

If these shortcomings are addressed at the operating system level, Windows gaming devices like the ROG Ally can handle large game libraries much more easily. Currently, according to The Verge, competitor Steam Deck seems more convenient to use, although according to some reports, ROG Ally is more productive and has access to the entire library of games available on Windows 11.

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