Xbox Platinum Trophy may appear on PlayStation for completing all achievements in the game

In the latest episode of the Iron Lords podcast, Xbox Project Management Jason Ronald talked about plans to add the equivalent of the PlayStation Platinum Trophy to the achievement system. But don’t expect this innovation anytime soon.

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PlayStation users receive a Platinum Trophy when they complete 100% of achievements in the game. On the Xbox, of course, there are achievements too, but there is no gradation. Ronald talked about how the Xbox team is committed to rewarding all types of gamers in different ways.

“We hear wishesRonald said. – Achievements are fun because everyone plays games differently. We’re really thinking about how to reward people for playing the way they want and the games they want. There are players who just prefer to play online. What are we doing to reward them and show progress and the like? There are other people out there who enjoy playing tons of different games. How can we show that we respect these investments? And there are people like me [которым нравится закрывать весь контент]and I literally want to go through everything in the game “

He added: “It’s important to strike a balance, and this is definitely an area where we have heard a lot of feedback. There is nothing to announce today, but this is an important topic that we are considering. “


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