Xbox launches a new division for exclusive cloud gaming

Xbox launches a new division for exclusive cloud gaming

Microsoft has announced the launch of a new gaming division that will focus on exclusive titles for the Xbox cloud ecosystem. The project is led by Kim Swift, designer and lead developer of Portal and Left 4 Dead at Valve. Last year, Swift joined Microsoft as Senior Director of Xbox Cloud Gaming.

    Source: microsoft

Source: microsoft

The company publishes Video, in which she approached the developers with a new concept. Xbox plans to work with the best teams to bring new experiences to players. The presentation indicates that such games will only partially reside on the company’s servers. However, some elements of projects such as physics, AI or lighting are calculated remotely, freeing up additional power on consoles.

An early example of the new concept is the multiplayer session from Crackdown 3, in which the environment breaks down into numerous elements in the same way for all players without any loss of performance.

Last week, Ubisoft announced its own scalar cloud technology, which also aims to increase the scope, refinement, and performance of games.


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