Xbox Criticized for DRM Xbox Live outage left console owners

Xbox Criticized for DRM: Xbox Live outage left console owners unable to run games for several days

Microsoft plans to fully resolve the current issue with Xbox Live servers in the near future. Because of this, Xbox console users had trouble launching their own games, including Singles, last week. They just weren’t available.

    Image source: Microsoft

Image source: Microsoft

After many criticisms of Microsoft and Xbox policies, the platform owner announced significant improvements in the situation. A full-fledged fix to avoid such problems will be released in a few days.

“We’ve seen a significant improvement in an issue that was preventing some users from purchasing and running gamessays in the message. — We are waiting for the full resolution [ситуации] in the coming days with the release of a new update”.

Responses to the latest Xbox update contain many messages from users claiming that they still cannot play their purchased games.

    Image source: Twitter

Image source: Twitter

According to the bill does it play On Twitter, which reviews commercial releases for offline playability, most Xbox games must be reviewed online before launch.

“They are not on the PlayStation or Switch. Trust us, we tested itadded does it play — If the PlayStation servers go permanently down tomorrow, any single-player game you play will work offline (assuming the console is running and the account is linked). Aside from a tiny number of games not running. Xbox needs to fix the DRM issue. Waving your arms doesn’t help… No one wins, especially Xbox fans, when the entire catalog is gone.”.


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