Xbox Cloud Gaming xCloud gets keyboard and mouse support and

Xbox Cloud Gaming (xCloud) gets keyboard and mouse support and reduced latency

During the last Xfest 2022 event for game developers, Microsoft announced that Xbox Cloud Gaming (xCloud) will support mice and keyboards in addition to normal game controllers. The company also promises to reduce lag time during gameplay.

    Image source: Ahmed Atef/

Image source: Ahmed Atef/

According to the representative of the company Morgan Brown (Morgan Brown), Xbox has supported the use of keyboards and mice for several years, but cloud versions of games have not supported their use so far. Now the company has added compatibility with them for the streaming game service, including on PC.

So far, the list of games that support keyboard and mouse is small: Sea of ​​Thieves, Minecraft, Halo Infinite, and Fortnite, but as the Xbox Cloud Gaming library grows, it will grow.

In addition, Microsoft announced the launch of the Direct Capture feature for the Display Details API, which can reduce signal latency to 2-12ms compared to the current 8-74ms.

The updated API has some limitations as it only supports max resolution up to 1440p and does not support dynamic resolution and HDR. However, these limitations will have little impact on developers at this point, as game streaming on the service is currently limited to 720p on mobile and 1080p on other platforms.

In addition, Microsoft intends to introduce several new tools to help developers add direct capture support to their games.

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