X will ask you to show your passport the

X will ask you to show your passport – the social network verifies users using official documents

The social network “Will maintain the reputation of the platform”.

    Image source: theverge.com

Image source: theverge.com

Social network management “If necessary” reserves the right to request a government identification document from the user, reads updated verification policy for Platform

As part of the updated verification program, “Extracted biometric data”. The latter explains why X updated its privacy policy to include a reference to biometrics at the end of August.

For users of under development. The fact of documentary proof of identity is also noted in the profile.

In some cases, the administration of the social network provides for repeated verification based on documents: for example, when changing the name of the account, its purpose, changing the owner, etc “for safety”, although it is not specified exactly which one. Citizens can present a passport “many countries”, although a complete list of them is not provided. However, it is known that this does not count residents of the European Union, the European Economic Area and the United Kingdom – there strict laws on the protection of personal data apply. In the future, X will expand the scope of this program.


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