X now has private likes for X Premium subscribers

X now has private likes for X Premium subscribers

Paid subscribers of the social network The feature became another advantage for users of the X-Premium subscription, introduced by the platform owner Elon Musk.

    Image source: TRESOR69 / Pixabay

Image source: TRESOR69 / Pixabay

Musk has long been an advocate for data protection.Likes. According to him, the bookmarking function available to all users can be an alternative to keep interesting publications private. However, according to a demo screenshot posted by the official X account, likes won’t be completely hidden – they will still appear under individual posts.

The question remains what happens to this function if the user cancels the paid X Premium subscription. The Likes tab is expected to be visible again.

It’s worth noting that public sympathy for celebrities has caused awkward moments in the past. For example, in 2017, US Senator Ted Cruz was forced to explain himself to the public after his official account liked a pornographic clip. Similar situations also occurred with other famous personalities, including pop singer Harry Styles and actor Samuel L. Jackson.

Despite the innovation, Musk himself prefers to leave his likes open and recommends others to use the bookmark function to save interesting posts. Musk’s most recent likes include memes and photos from fan accounts.

The innovation underscores Musk’s desire to make the platform more attractive to paying subscribers by offering exclusive features for $8 per month in the US. In addition, a monetization program for content creators has been launched as part of the user acquisition strategy, although the details of how payments are calculated are still unclear.

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