X declared Californias moderation law unconstitutional and sued the state

X declared California’s moderation law unconstitutional and sued the state

Lawyers from Elon Musk’s social network

    Image source: Bastian Riccardi / unsplash.com

Image source: Bastian Riccardi / unsplash.com

AB 587, passed a year ago, takes effect in 2024 and requires social media companies to publicly report twice a year on their moderation practices for content related to hate speech, racism, extremism, disinformation and foreign political interference. The extent of government interference in the moderation of private platforms is a sensitive issue for Americans. Excesses in one direction lead to strict censorship similar to China’s, and in the other they lead to abuses and chaos. This problem is particularly acute in California because most social network operators are based here and state laws passed here are sometimes viewed as precursors to federal laws.

Elon Musk, owner of the social network Although he has not commented personally on AB 587, X has made the company’s position clear. In the statement of claim, they noted that the California authorities describe the law as a simple “transparency measure,” but in reality it is aimed at putting pressure on the administration of social networks and forcing them to remove constitutionally protected content when deemed by the authorities such are viewed as problematic.

Through this law, say representatives of “which in itself is a form of forced expression.”. According to the plaintiffs, Company X has the right to apply whatever moderation definitions and methods it deems appropriate on its platform.

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