World’s oldest active torrent file turns 18 this month

It became known that the world’s oldest active torrent file will turn 18 this month, but despite this, it is still distributed by dozens of people. We are talking about the Fanimatrix torrent, which was published in the fall of 2003, when BitTorrent was a relatively new protocol. At the time, the creators of the Matrix fan-made short film saw the use of peer-to-peer networks as the only way to share their creation with the world.



BitTorrent is an excellent distribution tool, but in order for the file to continue to reach new people, it is necessary that at least one user distributes it in its entirety. Because of this, many giveaways become inactive over time, as user interest in them disappears. It seems that this does not apply to the fan movie Fanimatrix, based on the legendary “Matrix”. This torrent was created in September 2003 and is still active, which means it will turn 18 this month, which is an impressive achievement.

The short film Fanimatrix was directed by a group of New Zealand fans of The Matrix. They had only $ 800 at their disposal, almost half of which was spent on buying a leather jacket for the protagonist. The filming process and editing of the film were completed in nine days. If filming on such a limited budget was possible, then it was much more difficult to tell the world about the film, since in 2003 there were no free video sharing services, and YouTube had not yet been launched. It was also impossible to post the movie on a private server due to the high price.

As a result, the authors of Fanimatrix began to look for other options, in the process of which they stumbled upon a relatively new technology at that time, BitTorrent. Ultimately, the Fanimatrix torrent file was created on September 28, 2003, after which it began to spread on the Internet. The short film was a great success; in the first week alone, it was downloaded by about 70 thousand people. This achievement looks impressive as BitTorrent was significantly less prevalent at the time. In the future, the filmmakers plan to maintain the Fanimatrix distribution for as long as possible.


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