World of Tanks invites players to celebrate Halloween in a special mode “Peaceful: Hope”

On October 28, on the eve of Halloween, Operation Peaceful: Hope kicks off in the online action game World of Tanks. As part of this game event, “tankers” will need to return to the abandoned city of Mirny-13 and face serious challenges, for the completion of which rewards will be awarded.

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“Mirny: Nadezhda” is a separate mode in which the “tankman” will need to become part of one of the reconnaissance detachments of up to 5 people. The team of players should complete tasks, simultaneously solving the secrets of the abandoned city of Mirny-13. To get the information you need and advance along the unique progress bar, you need to fight against AI-controlled vehicles.

Each new Peaceful Hope match is a three-phase (Low Difficulty) or four-phase (Medium or Hard) battle. Those who have reached the fourth phase will face a formidable enemy – Invincible. This is a powerful tank that has almost no vulnerable zones in its armor. It will take the strength and skills of all team members to defeat him.

To learn the story of how the once invincible monster became vulnerable, you can use the event collectibles – data tapes (there are eight of them). All tapes have been encrypted and players will need to earn special keys to decrypt them. They can be obtained in battles or found as part of the in-game store and premium store packages. For decrypting all eight tapes, “tankers” will receive an American premium Tier VII King Tiger (captured) heavy tank (captured), as well as an exclusive 3D style. Details can be found on the official website games.

Recall that World of Tanks is a shareware networked tank action game. The game debuted on PC in August 2010 and currently has 160 million users worldwide.

Recently it became known that Wargaming has begun testing a paid subscription in World of Tanks – so far only in China.

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