With update 50 Valorant will have a new map

With update 5.0, Valorant will have a new map – Pearl

Riot Games has unveiled a new map called Pearl for online shooter Valorant. She will be added to the game on June 22nd with the release of the fifth episode of the first act. At the same time, however, the game loses the split map that was in the shooter from the start.

    Splits.  Image Credit: Riot Games

Splits. Image Credit: Riot Games

According to Valorant Lead Level Designer Joe Lansford, learning a new map is one of the most difficult tasks in a tactical shooter. It’s even harder to do this with a whole bunch of cards. Therefore, Riot Games decided to reduce their number. The company considered many different factors, including player sentiment, time since release, past and future updates, and what the map brings in terms of strategy variability. When all of this (and the desire to release Pearl) was added up, it turned out that Split had to be sacrificed.

Pearl is an underwater city on Omega Earth. Its sci-fi walls of radianite-impregnated polycarbonate keep the water out on the outskirts, which keeps the city dry. The map still branches out into three lanes, but will not feature mechanics like doors and teleports despite the fantastic setting.

The new map will not be available in competitive play for two weeks after release. This allows players to study it first and only then risk their evaluation on it.



On June 22, Valorant will also receive a new player rank (ascendant) – above Diamond and below Immortal, as well as various bugs with agents and cards will be fixed. In addition, users can purchase a number of sci-fi weapon skins.

Valorant is only available on PC.


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