With the updated Tesla app you can visually assess how

With the updated Tesla app, you can visually assess how much battery capacity is being lost through the cold

Established practice in the operation of electric vehicles has proved that traction batteries, regardless of their chemical composition, do not like cold, and the car is better left overnight in a warm garage with the charger connected. With the updated Tesla app, car owners can see how much battery capacity is temporarily lost due to the cold. This improves the convenience of using an electric vehicle in cold climate countries.

    Image source: Tesla

Image source: Tesla

List of app updates Tesla app version 4.19 Additional indication of the lost part of the charge due to low temperature, it is displayed directly on the slider with the total remaining capacity of the traction battery. The portion of capacity that is temporarily unavailable due to low battery temperature is shown as a blue line. As soon as the battery warms up – from the charger or in motion at the expense of its own resources – some of the lost capacity is restored, which is reflected in the proprietary application.

Second, the notches, each corresponding to 10% of the battery charge, are now always visible, whereas previously they only appeared on the display when the slider that determines the charge limit was moved. In addition to the numeric display, this facilitates visual navigation when assigning the corresponding parameter.

Another change was the introduction of a section in the Tesla application for managing membership in the user group of brand charging stations for owners of other brands of electric vehicles who have access to these stations. The application allows you to reduce charging costs, but you cannot use the Tesla charging station more than five times a day.

Finally, after updating the Tesla application, the owners of solar panels on the roofs of their houses could more flexibly control the power sources for charging the traction battery of electric vehicles of this brand. The condition can be set so that the car is only recharged with excess electricity generated from solar panels if all stationary consumers are already fully supplied with it. However, such a feature in the early stages will not be available in all geographic markets where Tesla is present.

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